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Aging Care Management

A comprehensive assessment to allow monitoring, planning, problem-solving, education, advocacy, anticipation of needs and family/caregiver coaching. One point of contact- an expert on aging and the anticipation of problems which may arise through the aging process. Management of the healthcare system, financial resources, housing issues, family coping, local resources, advocacy, legal recommendations and crisis intervention. Care managers that allow distant relatives to stay in the loop about a client's care and save time and money navigating the health of all clients.

Your Aging Life Coach

Certified Care Managers with extensive experience in dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and multiple other clinical diagnoses that can be part of the aging process. Strong clinical knowledge of the medical pathology of aging and other various human health needs. Your medical health experts who will advocate, educate, empower and anticipate all needs to keep clients in the safest most cost effective place today and tomorrow. A Veteran owned company with honor & integrity you can trust!

Client Centered Care- Design your destiny!

Listening and understanding the client and their families is key to designing your journey through life. We encourage maximum independence, autonomy, safety and security- in the most cost effective nature- that come along with care management. We can assist families with resources to prevent burn out or confusion about care solutions. Ethically we can consult with families who are at odds about the direction of care and have several professionals come to a conclusion that is reasonable for all families. 

What We Love to do is Care for YOU

Mission Statement

Managing all healthcare needs with medical expertise, professionalism and respect to ensure your Village is working for YOU!


Certified Care Managers- through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers. Years of experience and education in care management to best assist our clients and their ongoing healthcare needs. 

Services Include

  • A professional assessment that incorporates all medical professionals, history and through physical exam 
  • Comprehensive care plan which clearly identifies the needs and plan for a client
  • Arranging care services- one contact for all resources involved in the medical care of a client
  • Community resource contacts
  • Assistance with residential placement that fits the clients long term needs
  • A source of information and coaching for all medical conditions
  • Long term planning & financial consideration for the duration of medical illnesses
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the care plan put in place with client preferences and decisions
  • Concierge healthcare, monitoring and assessment


What benefits will I see in hiring a care manager? 

A medical professional educated in various fields of human services and trained to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor and provide education and advocacy for clients and their families. Care managers are able to assist families in financial planning for the long term care of an aging family member, negotiate contracts and save money on out of pocket expenses. To advocate financial agreements within the assisted living and nursing home communities and follow up on agreements and commitments outside resources are providing. Care managers also provide crisis intervention to clients and with careful monitoring can assist in preventing unnecessary hospitalizations, medical interventions and manage all services involved in caring for an individuals ongoing medical needs. 

Does insurance cover care management?

Care management is an out of pocket expense- all fees are straight forward and billed at an hourly rate.

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